Sunday, November 07, 2004


FIREWORKS!! woohoo! guy fawkes day (nov 5) is pretty groovy. they refer to it as 'bonfire night' but i have yet to see a bonfire. friday night, kari (miss balck ((dbc friend!!)) stayed here thursday and friday night, layover before she headed back to the states, it was really nice to have her here!!) and some friends from class met at the student union and had a pint before heading down to clapham common. we watched the fireworks and played with sparklers, then headed to another pub. yeah for pints! the kids from class are really great. i've noticed though that they are the types of people that are super more than happy to have you come along, but you have to invite yourself. bit weird and hard for me to do, but i think once i do that a few times things will be groovy. toby even said i could drive his car, yeah! only in the carpark of course, but that'll still be cool.

saturday night my friend carissa and i went to another fireworks show in greenwich. this one kicked even more arse. it was on the blackheath which is just a huge area of grass, so no matter where you stood the site was going to be amazing. there was this really pretty church that framed the fireworks so well. sorry i didn't bring my camera, i'm afraid i'm going to lose it or have it nicked (do they put a 'k' in front of things like that??) so they i lose out on great shots. i've decide that every guy fawkes day, i'll have to head to london for the fireworks, they are that great!

i've found a favorite soap. a few of you have probably heard of eastenders (which i kind of am one...a south eastender anyway), but i prefer the soap "holly oaks".

after you look at this site, you'll probably laugh your head off that i'm getting into this crap, but it's really entertaining.


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