Tuesday, November 30, 2004

massively icky smell

so the bus i just left had a really icky urine-like smell to it. and that dang bus driver. seriously, seatbelts would save a lot of people from massive neck and back pain from when they are thrown about the bus. dude.

just got back from seeing the incredibles. nice movie. i know, i know. do you do anything besides watching movies, abby? 'cause it doesn't seem like you do. well, i'm trying to avoid reality right now (meaning the last 2 weeks of term when everything gets handed in) so, yes. i watch a lot of movies. i also went to the museum of london today. this can be related to class though because i saw many old printing presses. very educational.

that's about it. short and sweet. picking up those pictures tomorrow. also, i have got to find those darn envelopes i was looking for today. and go see a chick about another job prospect and and AND work some more on those damn assessments. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

g'night lovely people

oh, ps. they are lighting up the giant christmas tree in trafalgar tomorrow night. will be up until the end of january. and did i mention that i finished knitting my scarf?? looks groovy.

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