Tuesday, November 02, 2004

pumpkin candles and renewed books

dear people--it is now november and my spiced pumpkin candle is almost burned out. this makes me sad.

up-note. i bought some yarn and some needles today and am going to make another scarf. the yarn is super cool because it has three strings (orange, red, and grey) going to be a nice scarf , if i say so myself.

i just renewed two of the books i borrowed from the library. printing materials by bob thompson and intro to publishing studies by shigeo minowa. this isn't really exciting. but i felt that it is important to remember that i did this. it is the second time i have had to renew them because for some reason i just haven't looked at them too much. my goal is not to renew them again.

election day is almost here. i think i might go to the planet hollywood here to watch it. seriously. they are staying open until 5am to show it and there is no cover charge (unlike some of the other places) i might get me a mudslide and a big american burger to celebrate when kerry wins.

my mom is going to have surgery on the 3rd. nothing too serious, but yea! for her, she will be off of work for two months. i must remember to call her at some point tomorrow.

to the couple of people that may have read this---HELLO!!! abby is well and misses you!


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