Tuesday, December 14, 2004

oh dear

greetings all you lovely, lovely people!

so i guess that last picture worked, meaning that i should put up more, but i'm not going to tonight.

christmas party was great! no drunken blog, i did the safe thing and slept on meg's air mattress. she needed my help anyway....i was the more sober of the two, if you can call it that. i very much wanted to drunk dial you all though, apparently i threw my mobile down on the table because i was so upset that i didn't have any of your numbers in my phone. thankfully my dear pal toby helped me put it back together.

barely anyone went to classes next day.

before the pub for dinner and drinks, there was a carol service at st.bride's church. it is a very pretty church on fleet st. great for all of us publishing people because it is there to commerate all of the great printers, publishers, writers, and journalists of england. there was a really groovy crypt too. the choir sang beautifully. occasionally they would have us sing some carols too, but the versions they did were very different than the original songs and i don't think we sounded too good. no big deal cause the choir was loud enough to drown us out. the last song they sang was john lennon's 'so this is christmas' it was really nice, the preacher type guy said it was very fitting because it was the anniversary of lennon's death and there is much sadness in the world due to war. yup, good choice. little tears in our eyes. much sap.

i work at a pub now. yup, i'm pouring the pints instead of the espresso shots. i miss the espresso machine. a lot. lame? probably.

sunday i headed over to the canary wharf. i can see its skyline from my room. it's the one that looks like mpls. so, i was all excited to go and see what was down there and well, it's minneapolis down there. seriously, there was a huge shopping mall and shiny (how the heck does one spell that word?) buildings. made me a little sad, mississippi replaced by the thames. but don't worry, i wasn't sad all day. walked along some canals and saw a lot of different kinds of birds. i tried really hard to remember the names, but i'm sorry to report that i can't repeat a single species. i could pick them out in a---wait, there were canadian geese!!! i asked if there were loons here, but my companion had no idea what i was talking about--thought i was asking about crazy people.

did i tell you all that i watched the t-wolves play the other night at the pub? they won. heck yeah, i'm happy they show the nba games there, it's nice.

i leave for vienna soon, that'll be fun. christmas with the kids (anne and kari)

rock the groove

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