Monday, January 24, 2005

couldn't help myself

okay. i know i said i wasn't going to do anymore posting until my business plan was complete, but let's be honest here...this is the time i need the blog the most. i need to do something in order to NOT work on my business plan. really i have until the 4th of the february. today is the 24th nay the 25th. so far, it isn't challenge time yet.

and maybe, just maybe, a few people might look forward to seeing a post from me. of course, i could be wrong.

folks, i had a wild night on friday. no, really. an actual wild night that could be an interesting story if i knew how to write well.

friday was the conclusion of something called "enterprise week". we had 3 speakers come in and talk about publishing companies they have set up. we also had a lot of free coffee and biscuits. during our free luncheon buffet, megan and i did a little box defense to deter non-ma students from eating our food. didn't work so well, but i did do a little arguing with one student before he ate our hummous sandwiches. i think he felt a twinge of guilt.

the day at school made me feel happy to be learning about publishing. wow, it only took about about 4 months for that to happen.

later that night we had a fancy dinner at stationer's hall. i've included a couple of pictures of the evening. i did not take these pictures. i don't know who did, but they were on our announcement board and now they are on my blog.



don't know if those pictures are even going to come up or not. i'm trying something new. go with it. the last photo is of femi, one of our course reps. i love the expression on his face. i imagine him shaking his head immediately after the photo was taken and saying something like "why, why did you have to take a picture?" he would say it in his slow, calming, femi-like way.

the dinner was lovely. they even served us port, brandy and chocolates afterward. i liked this part the best because it made me feel fancy.

after dinner, a few of us went to a pub. there i watched a lovely irish girl, nimah, dance and sing about being a leperuchan. i do not know how to spell this word and i am too lazy to look at a dictionary. you will have to deal.

after the pub, we took a taxi to soho. while in soho, we caught a pole dancing show at a strip club.

and that is where i will end my story.

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