Thursday, January 06, 2005

the new year rang clear

good day to you all (evening here of course)

haven't posted in awhile so HAPPY NEW YEAR to you now, though it is the 6th and we are well into 2005.

i was all excited about putting up a guestbook and having my photo on my blog and all fell apart. i'm working on getting the blog all spruced up again, but am starting to stress about upcoming assignments and such.

tomorrow i'm going to try really hard to wake up early and get some stuff done. i have to go to the main office over on davies street and see about some new housing then i have to get my check from the pub (ugh the pub) then i want to pick up a little something for mi madre for her birthday. i need to get over to westminister and check out stained glass picture postcards for kari. maybe go to liberty and get that pattern for those wrist warmers. continue work on assignments, email people back, scan in some new pictures, dream about buying a digital camera, send cheripaul that 'prize'.......can all of those things be new year's resolutions?

oh yeah, i fixed the comment thing (i think) you should be able to comment onto any post i have now.

tonight i had lindsey and megan over for dinner. well, not really lindsey because she is doing this detox thing and didn't eat the pasta i made, poo on her.

we watched the LIVE broadcast of the new celebrity big brother launch. holy crap, they call those people celebs? frickin' brigette from that dang surreal life is on this big brother!! i'm going to do my best to get involved in the show because so many people do over here. i feel it is my duty to observe and participate in this culture...i'll try anyway.

this post is so lame. grrr....will try better nice time

g'night y'all


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to you as well, this is a very old post, i didn't realize people went and actually read through things....