Sunday, April 24, 2005

read into it

good afternoon young folks -

today abby is doing just a little more slacking. just a little. it will involve the ring 2 and some nachos.

jennifer and nicole, nicole and jennifer left for paris today. when they get back, it means that i will be leaving. i'm really looking forward to seeing all sorts of familiar faces again. hope y'all want to see mine too. i'll try really, really hard to keep my mouth shut about london. you know how i can go on and on and on. i want to hear about what has been going on with YOU guys, not me. if you have looked at this blog then you have a fairly accurate (i say fairly) idea of what has been going on here. plus, i'll bring some pictures and if you want to see 'em, you can see 'em.

somethinginterestingsomethinginteresting.....ummmm......mmmm...ummmmm.....don't know. okay, well then there's no point in continuing this little post, is there? get ready for some more lists of things i need to remember to do in the next couple of days. really, that's more for me than you, but so is this whole selfish blog thing anyway!

loves ya

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