Saturday, June 25, 2005

thank you for being a friend...

greetings. that's right, i said greetings. i'm being friendly and such.

the other night i enjoyed some late night cheesecake a la the golden girls. good times, good times.

the weather is much cooler here in london. i like talking about the weather. so does my mom. i guess it was too darn hot to walk the dog today, so she took sophie for a car ride and got a little ice cream treat. :) i can see sophie in the truck now. silly little bugger.

i don't work tomorrow which is lovely. going to do a write up for my presentation next week. also, start looking at that darn case study. oh AND i'm going to buy myself a new notebook, some toilet paper, and some soap. this is more of a list of things for me to remember, but thought it might be interesting. give you a glimpse into my exciting life. oh, and i should probably get some dental floss. somehow, somehow i dropped mine in the toilet bowl. i fished it out, but i am NOT going to use it. just doesn't sound like a good idea.

keep mellow.

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