Monday, October 10, 2005

on the plane again

it has been a long, long while since i posted. i wonder if anyone still looks here or not. i suppose i'll find out.

as may have been expected, i'm leaving london now. on sunday, october 16th. 6 days from today. my time here was definately good. i know i could live in the city and i'm disappointed that i couldn't find a job so that i could live here. i've found toby which was unexpected and has and will completely change the direction that my life will take. i'm much more open to things than i was before and i'm excited about all of the places the two of us are going to go together. be prepared to meet the chap yourself this december. and if any of you have any ideas of new year's, let me know, so i can decide which particular city we'll be enjoying the festivities in.

before i leave england on sunday, i've got to fight with the people at BT (british telecom), close my bank account, eat some more at cafe 1001, complain about the cold, sit in hyde park, and see pride and prejudice.

any requests for yummies from sainsbury's, you better let me know now!


Pete said...

I still look here-- every day! Are you coming back to the Twin Cities when you return? Have a good last week in jolly ol' England!

Charlie Hobart said...

We miss you here, too, Abby! Hope to see you soon in Mpls!!

p.s. Pride and Prejudice looks pretty good

Jodi said...


I still check out your blog Abby! I miss you and can't wait to see you..... soon, right? Even though you may not be totally excited to be back, I definitely am excited for you to be back. Have a safe trip and I will talk to you soon.

Kim said...

I take a look at your blog sometimes too! I'm glad you posted again. I hope you're glad to be back in the U.S. Are you in Janesville or the cities? Oh, screw this, I have way too much to say for just a comment, I need to email you!