Saturday, February 25, 2006

warning: mentions icky stuff in my nose

it's about 9.30 in the morning and i'm wide awake. you can certainly tell that i've been getting up early for work every day. i normally get up around 7.30 and leave at 8.30 and get to work around 9.15. it feels like the world's longest bus journey.

plus, i've been sick lately, so a crowded bus doesn't ever help. yesterday i thought i was getting better. i just had this fake sounding cough, but my throat was tickling all the time. well, this morning i'm blowing out blood into the tissue. eeewww, abby, we didn't need to know. i know. but now that i've told you, do you think it's one of those 'it's got to get better before it gets worse' things and because they is now blood involved, it's obviously getting worse and therefore you'll be better before you know it. i hope so. it started last sunday and i'm still not feeling perky. now, i've always had sinus/nose problems. you people know this. and never in my 25 (almost 26 years) has any doctor prescribed me with a nasal spray (well, not that i know of, maybe when i was a baby or something). but a doctor here did. i don't really think it's helping so maybe i'll have to give the dr's surgery another shoutout on monday. *sigh* anyway.

toby and i have been married for 2 weeks now! good job for us! unfortunately, we are both working now and don't get to see each other too much. but we've made the most of our weekends. mainly, we like to feed birds in regent's park. we've only does this twice so far, but want to make a habit of it. though, toby's informed me that because of the possibility of bird flu, he thinks we should stop. i think that's a little more than cautious, though they have found it in france and it's only a matter of time before it hits here. here are a couple of pictures from last saturday.

toby and his three geese

look at his feet

i'm enjoy having the digital camera around, but i get really frustrated with it. there's too much of a time delay for me and i'm always making the pictures look a little blurry. i guess i'll get used to it though.

we have also got ourselves a new sofa addition. went to the ikea and purchased a brown three-seat "leather" sofa. it's much more comfortable and now we've got seats for 7! not much moving around space but it's great.

oh, before i forget. here's a photo of my wedding bouquet.

my wedding bouqet (sp?)

and here are some pics i've been meaning to show y'all of this great example of quirky london. there's a house around!

no. 1 1/2

another no. 1 1/2

and now. about my job. well, it's a production assistant with the time warner book group. though they've just been bought by the french company hachette and by the end of march should have new name. hachette are now the 3rd largest publisher in the uk. but really, my office only has about 100 people, so it feels really small. the production dept. has 4 people (including me). they have the following imprints: little, brown; atom and orbit; abacus; virago; and warner books. the office is in an amazing location. right after waterloo bridge on the strand. so, it's super near covent garden, trafalgar square...etc. really nice and tempting at lunchtime. right now i don't have full responsiblities, so i'm not doing much. but soon i'll be working on the reprints and they have loads of those, so i should be busy all the time. on thursday night week i'm going to visit 'clays' one of our printers. staying over in their cottage in bunyard (what a name) on thurs and getting a tour on friday. they are the printers that do the harry potter books. so, yep. i'm FINALLY WORKING!! and a real publishing job, so good job abby.

things are finally starting to settle down. once the sinus/cold fiasco is over, everything should be fairly normal.

oh. and toby. well, he's doing well too. he just received his first copy of a guitar magazine subscription that he got for his birthday, so he's pretty absorbed in that right now and he made a down payment on a rickenbacher (sp?) bass, which i'll admit looks really beautiful.

now. i'm going to go back to eating my hot cross bun and enjoying my lowkey saturday morning.

keep well y'all, i think of you often

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Charlie Hobart said...

I'm jealous...your job sounds fun. And it's exactly what you've been hoping to do since college. Congratulations are in order!