Sunday, March 05, 2006

wedding photo time

hello all,

my bus journeys to and from work have been excellent times to think of posts, but i'm not going to use any of them because i'm going to post you some wedding photos instead. this is proving to take a heck of a long time, so that's all you're getting! these were all taken by/for my mom, but it's a taster of the photographs to come.


it was very cold, so sorry if we all look like we're freezing. this is outside the church.


i look as white as my dress, don't ya think? this is toby and me with my mom.


that's with toby's mom and dad.


that's joel on the far left and zoe on the far right. toby's brother and sister.



i've tried to resize all of the images so they aren't huge, but in doing so, i've somehow messed up the focus. sorry that i can't get a close up on the cake. the little pictures on it are coat of arms and flags of america and england. nice touch, huh?


kim said...

whoa. you're married! congrats... when did that happen?

Charlie Hobart said...

Great pics, Abby. Congratulations on the 'union.' Hope to see you acrossed the pond soon!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Abby, thanks for sharing the pics!

Anonymous said...

Abbitha... you are beautiful! And you don't look so white when less over exposed :-) Glad to hear things are going well... love to read about you (and definately all about more pictures!)
Cake looks divine!!!