Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bank Holiday Monday

I like having four days off of work. Why not always work a week on and then a week off. Not like the firefighters though that do that 24 hour type of thing, but just the normal 35 hour work week on and then an entire week off.

We tried to start the day off early-ish and go visit a park. We went a little further out from our comfort zone, which was nice. Instead of Regent's Park, we headed off to Hype Park. Though we only really got to walk around the Kensington Gardens side.

First off...a view of our Easter basket. Those giant eggs are made of lovely chocolate. It's really slow going on the eating of them though. There IS such a thing as too much chocolate.

easter eggs

This one is taken at the building right next to ours. It seems we have a neighborhood cat. Normally comes out at night to scare the crap out of you. I'd say it looks like my mom's cat, dinah, but let's be honest. My mom's cat is the size of a small pig.

neighborhood cat

You can't see it too well on the photo, but the headline on the back page of the newspaper says "Wham, Bam, Thank you Glam". He was a pretty groovy guy.

groovy guy by the bus stop

Does this look like some kind of a parrot? We couldn't figure out why there were about 5 of these birds in the trees at the park. Okay, maybe a pet parrot got lose, but that many and all hanging out in the same trees?


And finally, a picture of one of many lovely trees we saw on Monday. This one has a cool face with a long nose. Yea :)

Nice Tree

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