Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cheri brought the funk...

...and the funk is saltine crackers. these are the tasty crackers ever because you get to suck the salt off before you eat them. thank you VERY much to cheri paul for the lovely birthday package. the neighbors brought it round tonight after dinner. i was able to enjoy a lovely pepperidge farm milano cookie. that farm makes really good cookies.

i've decided to do a little importing today and so, you get a picture treat! yea for you!

firstly, a mold update

mold update

i mentioned that toby's been couped up in the flat. well, he found something new to occupy his time. his brand new rickenbacker bass. notice the track pants...he's been wearing them since last thursday. without a wash *sigh*

bass boy

next up is a picture of me making some cornbread muffins. we're talking the jiffy mix folks. good old mom sent over two packages. such good stuff!

cornbread goodness

notice the water coming out of the tap? yeah, it's not supposed to but it WON'T TURN OFF. a major grr there.

not supposed

have i mentioned the kite? oh dear, the kite. toby's discovered that he loves kite flying. i've discovered that it's not a winter time activity. we had to climb all the way up primrose hill to get it going, but it did fly. look at that grin on toby. he loves it :)

kite boy!

and finally...a look out the window at night. that's what i've been looking at as i've been typing this. well, it's completely dark now (8.34pm...and it's just dark now) so, goodnight all. i'll chat with you laters...abs


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