Sunday, July 30, 2006

sunday morning

the weather has finally started to turn more to my liking. last night toby and i took a walk (we checked out a different area than we normally do, going right on abbey road rather than left) and i wore jeans AND a long sleeve shirt. toby even had on a sweatshirt. it was perfect fall feeling weather. i know we have the whole month of august to get through and i really shouldn't be wishing for cold weather, but it has been so unbearable lately. the city is really no place for heat.

today we're going to check out the movie The Break Up because we're hoping that the funny adverts lead to a funny film, though that isn't always the case. then we are going to BOOK october 7th. yes, we will finally have an actual placed booked for the big day and we're taking a chance because it'll be outside. it's a really lovely place and there will heaters and umbrellas and it'll be early october, so maybe a nice indian summer?

Free Masons Arms click this link and then chose the hampstead one.

right, i'm off to starbucks now because i want a fancy coffee and sadly, that' my only option.

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