Tuesday, August 08, 2006

cute little furry things

i liked squirrels until i started classes at the university of minnesota. i thought they were cute, furry little animals until one jumped out of a trash can and scared the crap out of me. the squirrels around campus are not afraid of humans and have horrible looking sores on their mouths. they are just not nice. except for the cool albino one that lives on the west bank.

anyway. i like squirrels again. i thought you should all know. since i didn't have to hurry home from work, i decided to get off at baker street station and walk through regents park. i saw one single grey squirrel stop and look at me and then slowly scamper on. well, i had some pistachio nuts in my bag, so i thought i'd toss one out. the squirrel loved it. i watched for a little while and then carried on. as i turned my head round to get one last look at the squirrel, i noticed another lady had stopped to watch this thing eat a nut. i thought that was pretty cool. another person had a good squirrel experience.

on a sidenote. i carried on down the high street. now, if this doesn't say something about st. john's wood, i don't know what will. one of the shops had a "sale" going on. its windows were painted with the words "everything under £59.90". wow, that's some sale!

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