Monday, November 27, 2006

Me and Digitial Cameras = Blurry Pictures

i don't know why, but i just cannot take a good digital picture. i press the button and i can't stay still enough for the camera to finish its business. so. here are some blurry pictures of our thankgiving day feast.

first, is the turkey sitting in a lovely brine. you can tell how small our fridge is!

next, is a shot of the gigantic parsnips and carrots we got at the primrose hill farmers market. i have now decided that i DON'T like farmers market veggies. they are way too covered in dirt. it is very messy.

finally, the carved turkey. i forgot to get one of the turkey when it came out of the oven. too many other things going on, like taking the guinness out of the turkey, making veggies and stuffing, asking if people needed more know how it goes.

hope y'all had lovely days

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