Sunday, February 18, 2007

Starting to dislike Uma...

Uma Thurman is the new face of the new mass media company Virgin Media. She's been doing these horrible commercials over here that make me change the channel whenever I see them. She stands there and says you can pause her, rewind her, fast forward her, etc, etc...annoying annoying annoying. I bet you she isn't doing them in the States. Nope, she wouldn't do them over there.

Anyway, I decided to look for a little picture of one of these commercials so I could add it to this blog. Posts are a lot more interesting when you have a picture to go along with it....I didn't find a picture, but I did find out how much money she got for these annoying commericals. 36$ Million! Can you believe that? Just for lending her strange looking face to 2 commericals, they gave her all of that money. How freakin' annoying is that?


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Anonymous said...


Sorry, not gonna comment on Uma, but I wanted to say hi. I have your email and will respond. No excuses, I'm just a poor friend. We will talk soon.