Tuesday, February 05, 2008

birthday boy

one of the best days of the year is toby's birthday. i think he enjoyed it just as much as i did. i have to say, i'm feeling a lot better now that he's 25. it's a nice, solid, respectable age...though it does mean i'm getting closer to 30, but anyhow!

i woke my boy up with a present, a smile and a chocolate mini egg cupcake for breakfast. you've got to start the day out right!

happy birthday to toby!

then we had a lovely fry-up at pedros down the block (love that place). it didn't let us down and we were feeling warm and full when we left. next up was to craven cottage to see aston villa vs fulham. standing out in the cold next to the thames on a cold windy day worried me a bit. i'm pretty crabby when i'm cold (which is often). surprisingly, when you are in the middle of a lot of clapping, shouting, stomping villa fans, you can stay pretty warm!

villa at the start
gareth barry

villa lost 2-1, but toby and i discovered that going to a football match is a lot of fun and we'll be on the lookout for some tickets to villa park now!

later that night we had some more football fun and stayed up all night (yep, i was awake until 3am) watching the giants beat the patriots in a thankgoodness the end of the game was exciting superbowl. seriously, it was really slow going up till the 4th quarter. sam and her boyfriend chris came round and we had ourselves some chips and rice krispies and chatted a lot to keep ourselves awake. i even made coffee.

keep, keeping on in feb folks!

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Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Toby! You're part of the grown-up group now. A whole 25!

Sounds like it was an enjoyable day (with a little thanks to Mrs. Marshall).