Tuesday, April 08, 2008

hychydig Cymraeg anturia*

wales is beautiful. well, i can really only say north wales in the snowdonia region is beautiful because that's the only bit of wales i've been too...but i bet you'd find some nice bits in south wales too.

we stayed a little bit outside of ffestinog. thank goodness because ffestinog...well, there's a lot of slate and a lot of children (and people in general) with not a lot to do.

here are some picture highlights.

*little welsh adventure

tea-room...and coffee
coffee, tea and cake at a tea room in cricceth
harlech castle
harlech castle, back in the day the sea came straight up to the castle
me nearly falling down the side of a moutain
gingerly coming down the mountain side
up high
toby and the mountains....there was a lake in between, which is why we trekked up there
snow covered sunday
sunday morning turned out to be a welsh winter wonderland

if you want to see the rest go here


Anonymous said...

looks like you had a lovely time :)

Charlie Hobart said...

Indeed, sounds like a lot of fun!