Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i wonder why i bother with this thing as i don't seem to update it all that much and only a handful of people ever see it, but there you go. it's a tiny bit addictive i guess.

been up to a lot since i last said anything. concerts and festivals and movies and knitting and food and work parties and cycling. oh and race for life! yes, i completed it and even ran most of it. quite pleased with myself. turns out that i'm a lot more fit than i thought. i'm also just a lot more lazy than i thought. if that's possible.

just got back from a printer visit at Clays with a few folks from the design department. the people over there are always really nice and give you a lovely meal and provide friendly conversation. AND i got to pick up a few books. i saw Charlotte's Web in the bookcase. 50th anniversary edition, it was just so lovely and they let me keep it. before breakfast i had a little read and it made me smile.

here are a couple of pictures from latitude festival the weekend before last. good time had by all (us and a lot of strangers)

yet another storm.
yes.  sheep at the festival
i'm cold.
mr. casual

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