Sunday, August 24, 2008

the long weekend.

hurrah! a long bank holiday weekend! a weekend full of . . . packing.

yep, we are moving on tuesday. i know, i know. didn't we just move? you're right. this very same weekend one year ago we moved to cricklewood. we've never quite warmed to the neighborhood though and once our rent was raised, we went hunting for a new place. we found ourselves in forest hill; swapping north london for south. it's a completely different world down there and toby and i are excited about exploring our new surroundings.

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look up there on the top left...near saint john's wood and then glance down on the bottom right and you'll see forest hill...way down there.

see you next week sometime with lots of pictures, wireless signal permitting, of course.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move!

I'd love to move to that sort of area of south London, it's so nice down there, and there are loads of parks for bike rides and picnics and sunny day knitting and so on. I think there's a knitting group that meets in East dulwich too!

Hope you settle in happily!

Charlie Hobart said...

We'll look forwards to seeing the pictures. Move to Swiss Cottage! (I have fond memories!)