Saturday, January 31, 2009

head full of books

today is the last day of january. the end of the first month of the year and i've yet to upload all of my holiday photographs. i've yet to do a lot of things, but the new year has been brimming with so many new possibilities that i'm finding it hard to catch up.

this week was a very book heavy week. without a lot of reading.

toby was a little surprised when i had planned to go to a bookslam on thursday after work and then bookgroup on friday after work. you're doing an awful lot of book related stuff...he said (more or less). everyday, 9 to 5, 6ish i work with books. you'd think i'd be sick of it, but it just makes me really happy to be surrounded by something with so much potential as a book.

bookslam is a literary reading in a little club under westway in notting hill. it's a little tricky to find, but worth the wandering around in the dark. they had 4 published authors read from their latest works with the director of cannongate dj-ing in the background.

i recommend.

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