Saturday, January 10, 2009


i'm lucky to be able to call a lot of different places home. i'm even luckier to have toby as my home home.

we're back in london in our little flat in forest hill. by london's standards, it is COLD here. -2 c (28f...i know we got used to colder in the midwest, but you can never get used to it really) our flat is taking ages to warm up and i've just stepped out to purchase a hot water bottle to warm up our bed. the only one they had left in the shop was a little pink fuzzy one with a kid/angel/princess thing on it.

we got home, ate, and watched 3 episodes of spaced. now i'm typing away and toby's fixing his new red grips from milwaukee's cycles' to his bike.

things are as they were and it is nice.

pictures to post in the next few days. toby and i are both feeling pretty happy about our visit. it was much needed.

you people are awesome.


Anonymous said...

Abby and Toby,
It was fabulous to see you while you were here. I know there are so many people you want and need to see and I'm grateful I was one of them.

I hope you came home to a limited (zero) number of little critters. I've been thinking about that since we talked about it.

Sending you New Year goodness!


abby said...


yes. no sightings whatsoever, but i'm still on the lookout. you always have to be.

it was pretty fabulous to see you too! you are one of the folks i've ALWAYS got on my list. can't wait till the little one is old enough for you guys to family vacation it to london. national lampoon style.

Charlie Hobart said...

Yes indeed, we loved having you guys back in the States for a visit! You're always welcome at my place.

Stay warm!