Monday, February 23, 2009

we're here for the beer.

a few weekends ago, toby and i spent the weekend in amsterdam. we've been wanting to go together for ages, but just never got around to it. well, tobes birthday was the 1st week of February and our anniversary was on the 11th, so we thought we found a good enough excuse to go. and then i got an extra mini bonus at work (thank you miss stephanie meyer and all of those vampire fans out there), so we now had an excuse, a little extra cash and a dream.

amsterdam is lovely. old rusted out dutch bicycles everywhere. seriously, the place is infested with them. but i'm not complaining. i belong in a city with so many beautiful bikes. and not a single person with a bike helmet. heaven i tells ya. (i HATE to wear my bike helmet, but understand it's pretty stupid not to have it on if you are cycling the streets of london).

being that amsterdam is so dang close to belgium, there were a lot of tasty brews to sample. and that's basically what we did. we sampled the food and the beer and wandered around. and it was a great time.

schipol airport
olmo....i think
more belgian beer
free heineken for all

for the rest


Toby said...

that second picture is great. you're photo skills are really improving :)

abby said...

it's known as the "toby technique"