Thursday, September 17, 2009

split to podgora and back

the first batch of pictures are up. head over to the little flickr badge on the right somewheres and you can have a look.

we arrived at split's tiny little airport around 6pm-ish and hopped on the bus into split. funny thing about those buses to the airport, you never really know when they'll show up, but you can be certain they will. since the split airport is pretty small, they know when all of the flights will be arriving and when might be a good time to catch some fares.

that first evening was a bit tiresome. mirna (sonja's sister) picked us up and brought us over to sonja's parents place in split. we waited for their mother to arrive and drive us over to podgora, where sonja is currently living for the summer season. this is also where her father grew up and is where her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc live. family is big over there.

we finally arrived and were tired, hungry and happy to see sonja...not in that order, of course.

sonja had to work pretty much the entire time we were there (she's a busy girl), but her job was fairly relaxed and we were able to hang out with her for awhile at the banana bar next to the dress shop she was working at.

toby got his first taste of the adriatic sea that day too. it was a bit cooler than it would be in july and august, but very, very tolerable.

podgora is a lovely town along the fancy makarska rivera, somewheres between split and dubrovnik. i highly recommend you make it a must visit spot if you head over to croatia.

ask around for the vela's. they are good people!

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K @ Blog Goggles said...

I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to go to Croatia.