Saturday, October 10, 2009

We couldn't refuse.

Man, is it cold! Wait, shouldn't complain. I hear it is SNOWing in Minnesota right now. It isn't even Halloween!!

Last night, Tobes and I enjoyed a little high culture at the British Film Institue (BFI). A little culture in the form of The Godfather on the big screen. Both of us had been familiar with the film, but only in bits and pieces. It was incredible to finally see the whole thing. I think I can be an Al Pacino fan now.

I really like the BFI. It is the type of place where you'll find 80% of the audience sit still when the credits start to roll. And when a film starts at 7.40, it starts. No adverts or previews, just straight up, the film.

Of course, this causes problems. Most people are used to the movie starting 20 to 30 minutes after it is supposed to start. So, you will get a few stragglers coming in, but they are harshly shushed. The woman next to me last night was a shush-er. I had a bit o' anxiety about Tobes eating M&Ms. (Food isn't allowed) I thought she'd evil eye us throughout the film, but Toby was quiet and she was into the art on the screen, so she left us alone.

I think The Godfather is playing for a few more weeks. If I were you, I'd try to catch it. (And then try not to say all of the greatest lines from the movie)


Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

I like the BFI, too. Have you been inside their free screening 'pods' downstairs? xx

abby said...

i haven't. do they show the archives in those pods? or do you get to have them play your own movies? either way, it sounds interesting...