Wednesday, November 04, 2009

hurray for halloween!

yeah, i know that we are already, like, 4 days into november, but i'm still eating halloween candy (major thanks mom), so it still feels like halloween to me!

we carved our pumpkins a bit late this year (on the day -- purchased them early though). i'm glad we waited to carve them though. they weren't all gummy on the big night! nice and crisp and shining through the window.

i also made some pumpkin sugar cookies to make the office feel more halloweeny. every person that had a cookie asked if i had made them. um, yeah...don't think they'd be selling something this odd in the stores!

the weekend before we went to the blackheath farmer's market (just to the right of the train station for you london folks. sundays from 10-2). picked up some autumn-y type treats. yeah for fall!

toby's scary pumpkin
abby's goon-like pumpkin
pumpkin faces
autumn risotto

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Charlie Hobart said...

Cool pumpkins, Abs. Halloween in the UK must be fun!