Sunday, January 24, 2010

A few hours spent wandering.

Recently I spent a slightly rainy day wandering around Paris for a few hours.

It was a gray day filled with bits of color.

color on a gray day

This yarn shop, la droguerie was especially filled with color! It was the sort of place where you pick your yarn and someone weighs it up for you. I've never been to a yarn shop like that. So much pretty in there, but they have little no photos signs everywhere and I sort of felt like I should respect that, so I only have a photograph of the outside of the shop.

la droguerie

I didn't buy anything since I didn't have much time. You had to wait ages and ages to get anyone to help you. Not that they were mean there. Those lovely ladies with their gorgeous hand-knit sweaters were just really, really busy.

I walked down rue sebastopol and then realized I was going the wrong way.

painted on

Thought about hopping on the metro, but knew I wouldn't really have a clue which stop I needed to get on.


I kept wandering and snapping pictures.

bike love

corners and light

Until I realized it getting dark very fast.


Man was the light brilliant.

I figured out that I was totally heading the wrong way and if I just flipped the map I would be near the Lourve in 10 minutes. Just had to find those hidden pyramids and I would meet up with the group. I got there in the end and have got my proof that I was in Paris.

i was in paris


jane said...

That sounds like such a great day! I'm convinced that Paris is beautiful whatever the weather but it does look really lovely under those grey skies. I've never been to La droguerie though... and I really want to try the Velib bike scheme.... I guess I'll have to try and fit in a Paris visit some time soon!

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

What a lovely little trip - love those balloons in the tree! xx

kristie said...

I echo Top Birds sentiments. I love that photo. It's absolutely lovely. Wicked jealous that you get to spend a day wandering in Paris.