Friday, February 12, 2010

Four years on.


We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary this week. The years are going by faster and faster. Also, totally think we are looking older and older. Does this just mean we are officially grown-up? It's a good thing, right?

We enjoyed some Nose-to-Tail eating as they call it over at St. John. Well, mainly Toby tried some of that. He had a bone marrow and parsley salad for starters. I'm so, so proud of him for trying something new. It's not just new, but it's pretty out there for us. They brought out 4 bones, some toast and the salad, along with a little fork thing, which I kinda wanted to steal. You push out the marrow and spread it along the toast like pate. Then you put some wet salt and the parsley salad on it and eat. I tried a bit too. It's different. I'm really pleased we gave it a go. Also had some Turbot (Tobes main of choice) and Braised Rabbit (me! rabbit is totally tasty).

I think we are a pretty cool couple. Happy Anniversary to us!


mart and lu said...

congratulations and happy anniversary that is wonderful. i can't wait to say that with my fiance! soon very soon.

passport in my pocket said...

congrats! the years have been flying by for us, too! We're going to be celebrating our 7th in april. hard to believe! :)

hope you have a lovely anniversary!