Saturday, May 08, 2010

the cold spring.

Blue Skies in Spring

Spring was here and then it disappeared. Now it is chilly and all dark again.

Last weekend I had a dear friend visit and we caught a little sun on Saturday. Headed to Pall Mall and Mayfair and saw a lot of ridicolous cars and ridicolous people gearing up for the big Gumball 3000 rally. Highlights included seeing Tony Hawke skateboard, a group do a little Michael Jackson dancing, seeing Toby's favorite car, the Ferrari F40, and my highlight...seeing Vivenne Westwood with her bicycle!!!!!

gumball 3000

By Sunday we were stuck indoors, putting the heat on (!) and curling up under blankets, drinking tea and playing Uno and Scrabble. Well, there was tea AND a few g&t's just to remind us that it really was May.

my muscle photo
the disco dudes!

Did manage to get in a little walk and a Sunday roast at The Clock Tower next to Peckham Rye park. It was a bit empty in there, but once the rain looked like it would stop, the place filled up a bit. The walk home was nice and I couldn't resist stealing a few lilacs off a bush. Reminded me of taking some from our big backyard lilac bush and bringing them in for the teacher. Yep, I was that kind of student.

more pretty

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jane said...

So cool that you saw her on her bike!! I'm jealous! I think she lives down in Bermondsey somewhere, i must hang out down near there. I love that your highlight of a car rally was a bicycle, haha.

Love your beautiful photos - the lilacs are gorgeous.