Thursday, October 28, 2004

my first flash mob

tonight i went to another lff film. probably will be my last due to money and lack of available tickets. (my other two films were 'pizza' and 'garden state' hell yeah. zach braff came and talked about the movie he made and i loved. rock it.) anyway, tonight's film was called 'cinevardaphoto' by this french woman...agnes varda. 3 shorts within the entire film. the first one was about this woman names ydessa from toronto. she collects things. especially photos of people and their teddy bears. there was an exhibit in munich and varda liked it so much she wanted to make a little docu about it. quite cool. to check out a bit about varda and the bears:

the second bit was about a picture varda took called 'ulysses' and the third bit was a montage of pictures from cuba. she had some cha cha music in the background and played the different b&w prints like a flipbook so they were dancing to the music. this bit was in subtitles but i didn't bother. liked watching the photos dance...chachacha....

my flatmate hu was going to go to this film, but had another engagement, so he gave the ticket to me. i'm really happy about that because it forced me to go to a movie by myself. yea. good job.

the man who was sitting next to me and offered me a piece of gum (which i took by the way) starting dozin' during the seconf bit and did a light snore during parts of the cubano bit. when the final credits rolled, i told him that i caught him snoozin'. he laughed and said he hadn't gotten much sleep today.

as i left the national film theatre, the typical london rain started to fall. made my way to waterloo station a bit wet, but a smile continued on my face because i happened upon my very first flash mob. which is a random (well not really, they all get this text messages telling them what to do and when and where) gathering of people. middle of waterloo station and there are a group of people dancing and silently singing along to their ipods. i mean, this was a full-on boogie. cool.

i like flash mobs.


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