Saturday, October 23, 2004

red string around finger

quick notes so i don't forget. the thames river at night is a beautiful thing. makes me think of paris, which i shouldn't because i'm in london and that is way cooler than thinking i am somewhere else. i've got those "always have to be somewhere else" issues.

there was this man outside the national film theater's cafe (next to the river). he had this boombox in a plastic bag and played a maxwell house coffee can to its beat. one might think he was just another crazy man looking for change, but this guy didn't look like he needed money. it was weird. he received a phone call and turned down the music so he could listen to the person on the other end. how considerate of him. we had to listen to his music, but since he needed to have a little quiet, he turned down the music. definately in his own world. during his dance to music and shouting to the public (mind you, it was very quiet shouting though, barely could make out what he was saying) a couple of young girls came up and asked where the party was. he got all offended and told them to leave him alone. they were bothering him. it was quite the little scene to watch. he actually picked up all of his stuff and moved down to the next planter-thingy.

anyway, i was out in front of the nft because megan and i went to see "pizza." it's london film fest and there are loads and loads of movies playing. this one starred ethan embry (you'll remember him as the super-adorable preston or mark/c from empire records) and directed by mark christopher whom i found out also directed 54 with ryan phillipe and mike meyers. the movie was quite funny and really enjoyable. as an added treat, the director happened to be in the audience as well. at the end of the film, i really felt obligated to clap....i liked it and wanted to let him know. he did a little q and a at the end. mentioned that he really wanted the whole us "university town" vibe to the movie. basing it on iowa city and madison...woohoo. 'cept i didn't really feel the whole university town vibe. nice that he was thinking about it though. i just thought it was all and all very cool that he was there.

tomorrow i'm heading to a small book publishing fair. holborn tube. red lion square. i'll be there. with my short hair. umkay.

also, miss kimmy crandall is going to be taking a break from teaching in france and will be joining me in london. yea! must remember to pick her up at waterloo.....waterlooooo.....6pm.....don't forget kim...don't forget

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