Thursday, October 21, 2004

night sounds

remember mr. wizard? that guy was A OK. i was just watching the matrix on channel five (we only have 5 channels over here and apparently even that is illegal because we don't have a tv license). i swear keanu called tank "mr. wizard"

tonight we are having our first proper thunderstorm. it only thundered once, but there have been bits of lighting and it is raining very hard. i'm going to try to keep my window open tonight to hear the sound of the rain. this might be a bad idea though since tonight is also the fresher's party at fabric. fabric is a nightclub over here in central northeast london. supposed to be a pretty big deal. tickets were really expensive and i didn't care enough to go. most of my flatmates are there though and i have a feeling i'll get a rude awakening in a few hours time. i have class at 930am and have to be up early, so i'm not really looking forward to that.

keep on

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