Saturday, November 27, 2004

i heart thanksgiving

GO SEE I HEART HUCKABEES!! this is a great film and i know i will go see it again and again. just like i did when forrest gump came out. i was at that theater all the dang time. i'm a huge mark walberg fan now and i'm afraid to say it. it's so funny and makes you think that way where you think and then think about thinking and then think about that and it trips you all up.

to preface the thanksgiving bit below, i WILL have pictures. i'm going to get them developed tmrw and then scan in a few. it will finally make this blog a little more cheery like. right now it's all words and shit.

hope you all had a great thanksgiving. started off the morning with a sip or two of guinness. you see, we were making a beer can turkey and had to experiment with getting the widget out of the can. widgets are plastic and didn't want to burn plastic inside of a turkey. ended up cutting the top of the can apart, you know, widgets are quite large.

my favorite bit of thanksgiving was when meg and i forced everyone to say what they were thankful for before they were allowed to eat :) it was so so wonderful to look around the room at everyone...americans, brits, danes, and swedes. so many were celebrating their 1st tday with us!! 12 of us total. we made up a thanksgiving pimp quiz with random questions about friends, the oc, and people at the dinner, then a little trivial pursuit. lots of dancing, of course, it was mainly meg and i that were providing that. oh and for a little light background music, well, nothing says thanksgiving better than a little red corvette by prince.

meanwhile at the lcc library, a group of hooligans jumped the turnstyles into our school, headed up to the library and stabbed a tutor a few times. no big deal, a 13yr girl got raped at the heygate estate (also in elephant and castle) last week. yeah, so i'm feeling real safe. everyone always needs to be careful, but really anything can happen at anytime and if it's going to happen, it's going to happen. v. upsetting and sad. i'm pretty sure the tutor is okay, but i hope they start working a little harder at the whole security issue with our school.

well, don't want to leave this post on a sad note or anything so,...oh wait, i do have another piece of good news. so, remember that arse, veejay, i mentioned earlier? well, the other tutors are well aware of him not teaching us anything and how much we all despise him. they are "looking into it" Hurrah!!

g'night then....enjoy the full moooon,
love, the american not-really-a-werewolf in london

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