Wednesday, November 24, 2004

universal poo and forgiveness of london

i have a bad experience and then i had a good one to make up for it.

water rats was great. kris played really well. nicole, you would have liked it here. lots of skinny british blokes who played musical instruments.

swapped poo stories with el, kris, and toby. great fun. it reminded me of the poo stories jeremy would tell me at work. which is also funny because jeremy 's identical twin brother was at water rats tonight. except when this dude grows a beard, it doesn't turn red.

very much enjoyed this evening. by the way, the band kris is in is called the people's revolutionary choir. a bit odd, i know, but pretty good. kris plays keyboard and there is drum, bass, guitar and front man, of course. can't wait til they open at brixton. love seeing music. specially when it is free.

don't worry, didn't dance around all night. know i have to keep the foot on the DL. comfy couches there.

g'night. tony the tech tomorrow. 9am sharp.

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