Tuesday, November 23, 2004

let's see if we can push her...

england will find my breaking point. i know it will. i thought crying in front of swans that are about to attack me was a low point.

nope. just want to keep pushing her a little bit more each day.

have i talked about veejay yet? this 'help-me-help-you' twat of a tutor i have for production studies? his answer for everything is 'just throw it into google, you'll be amazed what you find'. sorry, i forgot that i decided to go even further into debt so you could tell me stare at the internet for knowledge. seriously, 'google it'???? do you want to watch me explode? 'cause i will if you say it one more time.

oh and the doctors here. they're super helpful too! now i know why appointments are free. i've been having massive problems with my foot, limping around and looking stupid since thursday. thought i'd go into the doctor for some proper medical attention. i sat around in the waiting room forever and then had a minute and a half appointment where she suggested that it was probably a bone spur and i should buy myself a nice pair of nikes and some ibruprofen. great. just frickin' great. buy some nikes, painkillers and stare at google 24hrs a day. couldn't i just do that in janesville, wi for WAY less money?


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