Wednesday, November 17, 2004

movie adverts rock

so this actually happened on saturday, but seeing as today wasn't all that interesting (with the exception of walking around harrod's and bustin' out to: bell biv devoe's poison; madonna's la isla bonita; mariah carey's heaven) i thought i'd write about it.

my editorial class could not help that sentence.

so, saturday was a way lazy day, but saturday night megan and carissa and i went to see bridget jones' diary which made me all happy. the movie was good, yes, but the fun bit were the commercials before the movie. see, we've been watching a lot of movies and i've been getting bored with the adverts; same everytime. THIS time we got a few new ones. the highlight was the new one for orange. orange is a mobile phone service in the uk, maybe europe too, i don't know, anyway. they do this thing where someone (it was vern troyer) does a movie pitch to orange to try and get them to give money. vern gives the pitch and the orange execs say things like 'oooh, we could have him tell the story in voice messaging' and nonsense relating to their phones. at the very end they they throw in some line relating to austin powers which piss troyer off and he shows them the naughty finger. this time they did one with patrick swayze. and they yelled out "no one puts swayze in the corner" and "i've had the time of my life patrick" hmmm, i didn't make this sound very funny. but believe me it was. we were laughing out loud so hard and oddly enough, were basically the only ones in the theatre that seemed to enjoy it. must have been the only americans.

anyway, see if you can check it out on the internet.

oh yeah AND they showed the new star war's trailer........oh so lovely.

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