Tuesday, November 16, 2004

is that supposed to mean something?

good evening--

went to the student union bar at the london college of fashion tonight to watch the lighting of oxford st. for christmas. ate minced pies and drank a little mulled wine. all sounds lovely, yes? i bet you're imagining pretty tickle lights and christmas trees all up and down the street, arent' you? holiday music in the background and all that?

um no.

apparently this year london was going for something a little more modern on oxford. there are sets of spotlights set up on the street. plain ol' spotlights.not sure if i'm supposed to see something in it. like, maybe the beams of light are a bunch of snowflakes in the sky....what it reminds me of is the lights i would see in the downtown sky of minneapolis and those were coming from deja vu. humphh. that's not really christmasy is it now?

guess what? i returned a book to the library the other day. i no longer needed it. yeah for me.

oh and i saw the packers beat the vikings!!! yea!


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