Sunday, February 27, 2005

for nicole,

yo...this is mainly for the chickadee named nicole, but if others read and have suggestions, feel free to help out.

sorry, hotmail is being a bit rubbish to me right now. here are some more hookups accomodation wise in london. it's going to be spring break when y'all are coming, so there are others visiting with other friends. it's just looking really crowded, but it's cold so body heat is good.

piccadilly backpackers:

how long are you guys going to be in london?? the uk in general??



i'm going to head to bed earlyish tonight. i've got a long week ahead of me. should i bore with details? why not.

monday--work exp during day then concert (spoon at the garage) at night
tuesday--work exp during day then work (trial at the bar named old dispensary, yep, i think i've found myself another job)
wednesday--class during day then chloe's funeral :(
thursday--project pictures....need to get up uni mailbox to work so i can figure out props and such (like directions to melissa's. i know it is near bow, but that's about all i know) and then i have to clean up my room and prepare for...
friday--class all day AND beth and amy are coming!!

i can't believe the week is already gone. when am i supposed to do all of my other little stuff and reading for school, that ma outline, and looking up info for my next assessment. grrr. the last one didn't go so well, passed though. and considering there is no gpa thingy here, i should be okay. ah well.

london is cold.
the snow has gone.

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