Thursday, February 24, 2005


greetings you fools,

in class yesterday, a guy came in to warn us of some "emergency weather". he said that if we wanted to leave early we could because the weather was going to be horrible and anyone living more than 5 miles from school should be super duper worried because it would take them ages to get home.


folks, there was absolutely no snow on the ground. yes, it has been cold and sleet-ish type weather, but seriously. it's like when it snows in georgia. this people, ay me.

so this project that we're working is going to be a calendar with the theme "i wish i hadn't....." images of regrets and stuff like that. our ideas were getting a bit dark so we lightened things up a bit. i feel like we have a good balance. once the final images have been completed, i'll be sure to send out them out. i'm quite excited. next thursday (day before beth comes over!!) we are going to take the pictures.

what else? i did up my taxes...i'm actually getting some money back. shit hot, i tell ya.

oooo, good news from my mom. i'm pretty darn soon i'll be back home for a bit at the end of april. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! michelle, you guys are going to have to make room for me. and andrew schiller, i'm hoping that i can take you up on that ride to janesville from chi-town.

also, i keep meaning to email you nicole, so i hope that you are just reading this, but you should check out st. christopher's inn hostel. the london bridge one. i know the area well, it should be cheap. jennifer's friends can hopefully stay there. if i could, i'd shack em up in my room, but as you'll see when you're here....we shall be saradines, all toasty and cozy though of course. i'm getting really excited to see the dunn bros girls....i bet you'll all be smelling great like coffee :) and you're going to ICELAND!!! rocket.

anyway----i've got to go put my laundry in the dryer....oh i do enjoy spending that couple of quid to dry one load of clothes (and then find out that they aren't even dry....grrrrr)


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