Thursday, March 03, 2005

story explanation

hey all--

okay, so i didn't really end that last post too well. i really can't do more than one thing at once. in fact, i'm having trouble listening to music now and typing too.

so, my friend carisa is working on a dress for a school project, i think it's kind of like her final project thing and she asked my if i'd be the one to wear it. i'm really excited about wearing it. it'll be a flamenco (sp?) style type dress. black with pink or red (she hasn't decided yet) frills on the bottom. and there are are going to be sleeves, but detached-like. i'm not really excited about the bit that will have me walking in front of people in it. yes, folks, i will have to walk down a runway of some sorts......oh, god. i bet you can all just see that, huh?

monday night i went to a concert....spoon. it was down at the garage and i went with my friend lindsey. the first band that opened, love is laughter (i think that was their name) was okay....then we were heading down to stand up next to the stage and i was, like, hmmm, this music has a familiar quality to it....and this place looks like triple rock, and yes, yes, that's prince....not actually standing there or anything, which would have been more than fucking cool, but it was the music. and then the band came out and.....damn. i looooooovvvveeee live music and especially when the band is good. so very good. and it was cool.

tomorrow is picture day for the project. i'm not so excited about that anymore, i think our pictures may be a bit crap, but we shall see how it goes.

ciao and all that......

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