Monday, March 07, 2005

a mitten for you

well....i have guests. i have guests. beth and amy are here. they are doing loads of fun stuff. for instance, right now they are sewing up my mittens!! this is definately what i needed as i've been walking around with one giant hole in my mitten. now they have eyes too!!

i was looking at other blogs today (in my free time of course). my blog has nothing of substance, but i think that is appropriate considering who is writing it.

included in this posts are a couple of pictures for you. the other friday i went and hung out with a couple of carisa's classmates. they had a photography class and needed some pictures and somehow i was volunteered and accepted the duty. so anyway, here are a couple of the shots. i was cold, very cold. i look like a clown, but it is kind of cool. i think anyway.


very unlike me, i know....


are you scared of me yet??

07450014 2


okay, well then. that is the end of that. tomorrow i have my internship during the day again (so long and boring and i need to quit it very, very soon in order to work because i'm amazed at how little money i have) and then that evening we are going to the islington see milkyboo. really, really cheap night!! and lots of good people going to be there. should be fun.

peace out homies

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