Monday, March 14, 2005

fiona always calms me


my guests have left. it was very nice to have them here and i'm sad to see beth go. she reminded me of all the good times in minneapolis and it was great to have her here in london.

i'm doing a little sing-along with fiona apple. perfect for the before bedtime atmosphere.

what have i been up to? well, not fixing the weirdness going on with my blog. i'm not sure why all that stuff is at the bottom instead of up on top, and why does it say that i've only written 15 posts. i know i've written more. maybe it is time for an update of sorts. we'll see.

the old dispensary is going well. nice bar. i've worked two official shifts now and will be getting paid soon!! hells yeah.

i dusted my room tonight.

i'm one crazy chick.

tomorrow i'm heading to the london book fair and then to see the new bruce willis film 'hostage'. it looks really good and i'll be viewing it at the lovely vue cinema in islington. that cinema is so comfy! did anyone else check out the msn gossip about bruce willis and lindsey lohan? dude. there is absolutely no need for that. bruce, demi, lindsey, and ashton. crazy, crazy world. then again....age doesn't mean a thing, right? or does it? what do you think? i don't think it really does, but then sometimes i wonder, wonder, wonder. it's the age of your wisdom and your heart that matters.


okay then.

my next post will let you know what i scored at the book fair.

rock that.

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