Friday, March 25, 2005

march the 25th

it's the birthday today. i have officially hit th 25 year old mark. jessica sent me a birthday email (thank you :) and mentioned how we've been finished with high school for nearly 7 years. crap, that's quite awhile....relatively speaking of course.

i'm treating myself to a nice glass (or more...i'm not sharing the bottle with anyone) of bordeaux. (if you are interested beth, malesan 2002 , it was on my desk)

tonight i'm heading to Cubana ( i hear they have live salsa music on friday nights. some friends are going out for dinner and a few drinks. i've already checked the menu and there are number of cocktails i'm interested in trying.

i've included a picture (thanks to amy) if you come to london, here is where you liking find yourself. Mr.Fook's in Chinatown, accompanied by an interesting evening til early at Oneill's.


that's carisa, me, megan, and beth

well then, wish me lots of latin love tonight


Kim said...

hey, I've been there! though after a couple bottles of S. African wine it started to look a little fuzzy inside good ole Mr. Fook's! I also have about 8 pictures of the outside of it on my camera... guess we thought that was pretty funny, huh.

abby said...

who doesn't like mr.fook's??

i think i need me a picture of the outside to show all of the lovely people...what do you think?