Friday, April 01, 2005

dbc back in the blood

hurrah! yippee! the dunn girls are now all completely here. 4 girls in my tiny flat. i've got the bed, nicole is in the cubby under my desk (which is quite nice) and melody and jennifer are sharing an air mattress. they are so adorable all curled up over there. i'm also sipping a little kenya roasted by the groovy lee! way to go, it tastes lovely!!

today the girls are heading to the tower of london. i'm heading to work. ick. but it isn't really all that bad. just until 4pm and then i'm bussing it back here and hopefully (fingers crossed y'all) they will come with me to nambucca for my friend kris' birthday. i'll get those girls pissed....on cider or some such.

more to come later.

happy april fool's day!!

*nothing of the above message was a joke. they are here. coffee is here. and they are indeed going to tower of london; however, i don't think they will get pissed tonight. if so, i'm TOTALLY taking photos!

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