Monday, April 04, 2005

sir mackintosh dingle foot


that's the name on a plaque (how the heck do you spell that word) at westminister abbey. it's funny. so laugh.

go to the following site. go ahead. use your cut and paste skills right now:
you have to use your skills because i have no blog skills to highlight this link.


what has been going on lately you might ask. you have guests abby....what are they doing? well, we have been spraying sunshine all over my room.

did you know that it is about 250 years since samuel johnson wrote one of the first (i think it is one of the first anyway) english dictionaries? here are a couple of definitions for you:

fart: wind from behind
kiss: salute given by joining lips
mouse: the smallest of all beasts; a little animal haunting houses and corn fields, destroyed by cats
strut: to walk with affected dignity; to swell with stateliness

the girls and i have drank two bottles of red this evening. a lovely one from kari (thank goodness toblerone doesn't like wine) and one called gato negro. they are a bit tired and silly now. which is good. it is late and we have to wake early.

oh and kris' birthday night was GRAND. music, he-man, drinks, friends, laughter. all such goodness.

hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!!

"the abster"

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