Sunday, April 17, 2005

suitcase of memories

what's going on folks? another post is sure to come, but in the mean time, i'm going to leave you with a couple of pictures.

this is one of some lovely easter egss that were dyed on easter. yet another 1st for the tobster. he more or less is american now.
this is one from my birthday...well three....this one is at cubana...meg, tom, toby, and me laughing at something or other. probably a joke i made and only i understood.
IMAG0067 the next one is of meg, me, and toby. toasting away our asti tasti in lovely animal glasses. i think i've got the penguin.
IMAG0066my favorite. and the last one is of carisa, me, and megan. see that dress? that was a break down point for abby. she was having a bad day, couldn't take it anymore and brought out her american dollar credit card and purchased dress, shoes, and a random shirt she has still to wear. it felt good dammit.

more later...i've gotta tell you about prague. i went to prague!!

loves ya.

by the way...all photos are thanks to the lovely carisa

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