Tuesday, May 03, 2005

dear folks

hey all....

so, i just discovered that i can steal a little free wireless from my neighbors in janesville. that's great, but hotmail is being annoying right now and i can't check my email. bugger boo.

trip to the states was annoying. everything is annoying apparently. short version of the flight is that i left london over 4 hours later than i thought i would be leaving. i missed the rehearsal dinner, but my mom was there at the airport to pick me up.

the wedding was a lot of fun. michelle was beautiful. i've got a few lovely pictures.

right now, i'm mom's busy a-making me some chocolate chip cookies. the grandparents came over for dinner tonight. we played a little cards. all lots of fun. tomorrow i'm heading to a wine tasting in the fort wtih the great cheri lee paul.

i'm thinking of dying my hair a darker brown.

i will be watching conan o'brien tonight, i'm going to stay up as late as possible.

i ate a chicken baja gordita today. i drank some mountain dew.

i saw two episodes of queer eye for the straight guy (the fab 5 were in texas).

spoke with the britster on the telephone.

looked through dozens of old pictures.

i can't find my cigarette holder.

damn my sister for that.

loves, abs


Toby said...

sounds like lots of fun. meg discovered that you can get mountain dew from that american candy store near covent garden by the way - so dont carry too much back with you!

hope you are having a great time not being in the minority for a while.

Megs said...

No cigarette holder? how will we survive in France without your cigarette holder? oh, well on to plan b- berets!

abby said...

i know, i know......maybe i'll find a new cigarette holder in minneapolis tomorrow...we shall see