Thursday, May 05, 2005

thursday's margaritas

so, i was looking through carisa's list of reasons why she wants back in the states. she mentioned mexican food twice. maybe she should get herself an internship in janesville. there is a shit load (excuse the language, but seriously) of mexican in j-town.

janesville is small and people talk and talk and talk. i'm polite, which means i sit around a lot and nod and smile. i try to avoid running into people i haven't seen in ages, but it is near impossible.

tomorrow, bright and early, i'm driving to the land of 10,000 lakes. renting a car. wonder what it'll look like. i'm only allowed 450 miles for the weekend, but you see, it takes around 300miles just to GET to minneapolis, so i'll obviously be going over. 20cents a mile after that 450 allotment. you betcha booty, i'll be mooching rides from the lovely miss setterholm. what i'm hoping is that the weather is gorgeous on saturday and britni feels the need to beg her parents to take the boat out. britni, i hope you are reading this, because abby would be a very happy person if this happened :)

what else, what else.....oh shit...see there you go again...even complete strangers will talk with you in janesville. this damn german shirt. blessing and a curse.

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Risa said...

stealing wireless, pretending your German, having margaritas and mexican food without me!! Have you no concern for my poor nerves (name that movie)! Thats come back here right now need a time out! Weeee miiiiiisssss yoooooouuuu!!!