Sunday, May 22, 2005

fun-ny with a capital F

i know.
i've been back in london for nearly two weeks and it's like i dropped off the face of the earth. many, many apologies and lots of apologizes.

you guys must have been so bored, not having anything to read on here and such.

friday night i went to a midnight show of star wars. midnight is the best time to see such a film. i brought my darth vader m&m mix from home. i was getting sleepy until sam l jackson took a light saber and went through a window. then i was wide awake and nervous and sad because i knew what was comin'.

last night i watched me a little 'eurovision'

this dude named terry wogan was commenting over the whole thing. it was fun-ny.

school. also known as the reason for me coming to london, is okay. all of our classes (4) have the word 'strategy' in the title. ew. my next two assessments are "strategic management in global publishing contexts' and ' strategic technology management' they are actually two different assignments. right.

monday we leave for a week of summer (no, it is no where near summer here) school. summer school is in PARIS! yea!

now. go rock it like it's hot.
i know i will. i'm going to be doing laundry. :)

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